Competition Piano
Bechstein Grand Piano

Da Capo and Dal Segno are to be observed. 2nd ending is to be played without the 1st ending. Other repeats are to be omitted.

Free Choice Pieces

  • Free choice pieces must be published pieces, not self-arranged, composed or improvised pieces. (Please join the Pop Piano category if you wish to perform self-arranged, composed or improvised pieces.)

  • Pieces that require a prepared piano, which alter the sound by placing objects between or on the piano strings, are not permissible.

  • Free choice repertoire may comprise one piece of work, or more than one piece, as long as the performance is within the stipulated duration.

  • Piano duets are to be performed on the same piano, not on 2 pianos.

Reference List: Repertoire performed in previous years
Click here for Classical Piano Categories: Repertoire performed in previous years

ABRSM Categories

  • Only ABRSM exam pieces may be performed.

  • The pieces may be from any years of the exam syllabus.

  • There is no time limit for the performance duration in the ABRSM categories.

Judging Criteria

  • 40% Musicality

  • 40% Technique

  • 20% Stage Presentation


Competition Piano
Pearl River Digital Piano 珠江艾茉森数码钢琴

Free Choice Pieces

  • Welcome all pop, jazz, blues, musical, anime, movie soundtracks, original compositions, improvisations, etc.

  • For solo, duet, and up to 4 performers.

  • Vocal and other instruments are permissible.

Reference List: Samples of works featuring the piano
Coming soon.

Judging Criteria
For piano-only performances:

  • 100% pianist’s musicality, technique, and stage presentation

For piano + vocal / other instruments performances:

  • 60% pianist’s musicality, technique and stage presentation

  • 40% other instruments / performers, including pianist’s singing


Submission of music score
There is no need to submit the music score that you are performing, unless the organising committee requests for it.

Performance duration

  • Performance duration is counted from the first note of the first piece to the last note of the last piece.

  • It includes pauses between the pieces.

  • It does not include entry / exit time and time for piano bench adjustment.

  • A performance that runs overtime may be penalised or disqualified